So far it has great reviews from readers and the highest praise from psychologists and marriage professionals. Here is what some of them said about the book:

“It's so fresh and sincere. I really liked the Love Pyramid; it's an excellent concept. Congratulations!  I can't believe he lost her suitcase.”

Cloe Madanes, World-renowned innovator and distinguished teacher of family and strategic therapy; author of seven books.

“Wow, what a wonderful and touching story… it is an awesome and inspiring illustration of love and commitment! This hope-filled account of Andre and Marina’s relational journey is a powerful example of how you can create a mutually fulfilling marriage.”

Dr. Jared Pingleton, Drector of Focus on the Family's counseling department; Author of Making Magnificent Marriages.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It made me laugh and made me smile. It made me tear up a couple of times. Most important, I enjoyed the philosophy. Good job!” 

Yakov Smirnoff, Comedian, actor, and writer; Professor at Missouri State University and Drury University.

 “Andre and Marina have discovered the path to being lifelong passionate lovers and have generously shared it with us! Every couple will benefit from this beautiful couple’s story. It is sure to rekindle the passion!”

Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC, Director of The Relationship Center.

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Andre and Marina  Starz have been passionately married for thirty years, during which they have toured as world-class athletes and entertainers. They believe their love story will inspire readers and encourage them with the practical help they need for building and maintaining their own Timeless Love Pyramid.

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  • How can we overcome the crushing financial stress, overwhelming household responsibilities, and the pot holes of life that affect our relationship?

  • What can we do if there's not enough respect and appreciation for everything we do in supporting our family?

  • Are we striving for emotional connection and fulfilled sexual intimacy?

  • In just five minutes of reading your questions will be answered!

Andre and Marina Starz authors of Can Love Be for Life? Book

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